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At Selma, we believe that things should be clear, transparent and well ...human. is for you. Find out details about the service, get to know the team and check our learnings and inspirations.

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Here's our open roadmap – a "living wall" of things you've suggested and we'd like to implement. Write us at with any wishes or comments. 


Contributor community

To get things right, Selma is built together with people who use it. Join our community to shape Selma, be the first to see new features and meet other contributors.

Wall of fame 

In the first months of our closed beta over 300 people gave their feedback and critique. The wall of fame is our way to thank the top contributors for their awesome help!


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Find out what frustrated others with investing, why they started using Selma and which things could make the service even better.


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Our designer likes to get inspired from all kind of beautiful designs out there. See what we liked and shared. ☺️


Selma FAQs

All about starting with Selma, money, account and other practical stuff.



Find out here how Selma keeps your money and data safe.  🔐


Service status

Selma monitors its service using external systems. Any disruptions in the service will be shown at


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