Stormy markets


The stock markets have been tanking for the past two days and your planet has lost some value.

Even though we have just seen the largest drop of stock markets in the past 20 months, you should not forget that you invest with Selma for the long run and that changes in the market, both up and down, are normal.

So, no need to panic. 🙆

Why the thunderstorm? ⛈

Ironically, the drops are caused by very good results in the economy. There is fear that interest rates will rise fast and this  would slow down the economic growth (because loans would become more expensive).

What’s Selma doing?

  • Selma is automatically checking the prices of the markets and can use drops to buy more.

  • We had already reduced investments in US stocks throughout in the last months.

  • Selma invests the money you transfer gradually to prevent buying all your investments at the highest possible price.

In case you have any questions you can always reach us in our chat!

Valeria Gasik